Juice is a simple but powerful open-source weblogging client for Mac OS X. It relies on XML-RPC and the Blogger API to allow you to edit, compose and administer your Blogs from a Mac OS X native program. It is programmed using Apple's language of choice, Objective C, using all of the latest dev tools. It's full of features like local drafts, post editing, full HTML support and template editing. I also have big plans for Juice's future, including full Atom support which will allow the program to support multiple services. And the best part is that it's under constant development by me, the sole developer, and I will always be open to new ideas.

Juice's Features Include:
  • Fully Mac-OS X native programming
  • Fast operation
  • A simple but powerful interface
  • Local drafts for each user (allowing offline productivity)
  • Full post editing support
  • Fake-title support (due to a Blogger API limitation)
  • Template editing
  • Keychain password storage
  • Internet update checking
  • Syntax coloring
  • Ability to ping weblogs.com
  • iTunes integration
  • Ability to add custom script returns
  • And all of the benefits of open-source programming

Juice is completely customizable, with complete per-user preference support.

Juice includes in-program editing of both the archive and main page templates.